Ouch! BP Should Have Been More Careful For What It Wished For

It’s been difficult to watch BP’s calculated plan to cut-and-run from its obligation to citizens of the Gulf.  Given recent findings of a third-party claims audit, it appears that BP might finally be forced to stop manufacturing delays and, instead, begin paying claims.  The following article from Seeking Alpha provides an excellent summary of the audit results and the expected impact on BP.

Dec. 2, 2014 1:48 AM ET


  • BP demanded to see the results of an audit on the claims process against its oil spill.
  • The audit results have been made public, and BP is left with egg on its face again.
  • The billions in pending business economic loss claims now have a clearer landing to become future charges.

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ClaimsComp Recovers Money For Heirs Of Distant Relative

Sometimes heirs can be VERY difficult to find.  That was certainly the case with this recovery!

John was a single man with no immediate family.  When John passed away, he had no idea he was owed money from the sale of a foreclosed property.  Our Claims Recovery Specialists were determined to find a family member, even a distant one, rather than leave his funds unclaimed.  After many days of searching, we were surprised to locate five cousins across the U.S. and Canada… but we weren’t nearly as surprised as the cousins when we told them why we were calling!

We spoke to more people than we can count, handled unique documentation requirements for the distant heirs, and even created a family tree to be sure we didn’t miss anyone in the process.  Claims have been filed, and all five cousins are looking forward to the unexpected cash!

John’s name was changed to protect his privacy.