Our co-founders pioneered the concept of affordable third-party claims recovery.  They developed an efficient model that is easy to explain, requires no up-front or out-of pocket expense, and provides proactive client support throughout the claims process.

Our Mission is to make you aware of funds you legally own or are entitled to claim, and return those funds to you as quickly as possible.  Regardless of the size, type, or location of your claim, there is no risk or obligation for our service. In the unusual event that your funds are not recovered, you owe us nothing.

Our Service is customized and client-focused.  You always receive a custom solution, a personal Claims Manager, and an experienced recovery team.  We will never ask you to pay an upfront fee or out-of-pocket expense.  We will always adhere to the Code of Conduct that guides every member of our team.

Our Clients span the footprint of the US.  They include large financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and religious organizations, small and mid-sized businesses, and individuals from all walks of life.  We have more than 186,000 success stories that include high-level business executives, teachers, accountants, pastors, people who experience hard times and have no home and no job…and the list goes on.  Here are just a few of their stories about ClaimsComp:


ClaimsComp’s Code of Conduct was established to ensure that every member of our team conducts business according to our corporate beliefs and ethical standards.  It is based on a set of core values that guide business decisions, support client interactions, and dictate behavior and action in every part of our company.


We are honest and transparent in what we do and say.

  • We tell the truth.
  • We keep our word.
  • We honor our commitments.
  • We are, collectively and individually, accountable for our actions, successes, and failures


We treat others the way we wish to be treated.

  • We treat clients, prospective clients, partners and vendors with fairness, dignity, and compassion.
  • We take the time to understand the issues and perspectives of those we work with, those we work for, and those whose interests we serve.
  • We trust in, rely on, and support each other as members of a high performance team.


We believe that knowledge empowers, and should be shared for common good.

  • We believe in our client’s right to know.  It is the core of what we do.
  • We always seek complete, current, and accurate information.  We actively reach out to share that information in a clear, concise, and timely manner with clients, prospective clients, partners, and members of our team.
  • We work hard to maintain the role of “thought leader” in our industry. 


We safeguard client information as if it were our own.

  • We respect the confidential nature of our client information and actively protect it at all times.
  • We limit internal access to information to only those with a legitimate “need to know”.
  • We only provide information to third parties as required for the transaction at hand, and only when we are satisfied that a third party adheres to our privacy standards.


We advocate for economic fairness on behalf of those who are legally owed or entitled to funds.

  • We believe it is wrong to keep funds that are owned by or earmarked for others.
  • We believe everyone should have information about, and easy access to, funds or assets they are due.
  • We are passionate about increasing awareness, sharing information, and helping others collect funds they own or are owed.