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Billions of dollars go unclaimed each year.

If you’ve been contacted by ClaimsComp,
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Most people are
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they are owed money

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the legalese and the red tape.

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Unclaimed Property

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Unclaimed Property

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Identifying your Property. Evaluating your Claim. Recovering your Money.

Unclaimed Property

If you’ve heard from us, we’ve already found money that belongs to you or someone you know. There is no risk or obligation. There are no up-front or out-of-pocket fees.  In the unusual event that we are not able to recover your asset, you owe us nothing.

Class Action Claims

Class action settlement claims can be complex and time consuming.  These cases require specific knowledge of the claims process and the legal details of court protocol. ClaimsComp is staffed with an experienced team that has helped thousands of people file their claims and recover money.

Recover your unclaimed property.



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Dollars Recovered

260 Million

Dollars Recovered

About Us

Our Mission is to make you aware of funds you legally own or are entitled to claim, and return that unclaimed property to you as quickly as possible.  Regardless of the size, type, or location of your claim, there is no risk or obligation for our service. In the unusual event that your funds are not recovered, you owe us nothing.

Our Service is customized and client-centered.  You always get a custom solution, a personal Claims Recovery Specialist, and an experienced recovery team.  We will never ask you to pay an upfront fee or out-of-pocket expense.  We will always adhere to the Code of Conduct that guides every member of our team.

Our Clients span the footprint of the US.  They include large financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and religious organizations, small and mid-sized businesses, heirs, and individuals  from all walks of life.  We have more than 186,000 success stories that include high-level business executives, teachers, accountants, pastors, people who experience hard times and have no home and no job…and the list goes on.  Here’s what our clients have to say:

Customer Recommendations

“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.” – Anonymous

The letter from Claims Comp sounded too good to be true.  My friend told me it had to be a scam, HOW WRONG SHE WAS!!! I received funds from four different sources.
Rae Arizona
I would like to recommend ClaimsComp, Inc as the most outstanding Company we found for assisting us in finding unclaimed property. ClaimsComp located claims in California, valued at $160,000 which was like finding a pile of gold that we didn’t even know existed.  I am very impressed with ClaimsComp’s outstanding people, in particular Bree Pearman and her support staff.  I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with their service, and also the results we have had.  I would recommend ClaimsComp as an excellent Company when going to look for unclaimed property.
Dana Smith President
Representative was one of the best…..she never dropped the ball for a second! The follow-up was exceptional because this company cares about YOU!
M. Connor
Quick, easy, and hassle free.
Brandy Patterson
Simply stated, Great Service.
J. Scott Riga Kansas City, MO
Excellent service and painless process. Thank you.
Stephen J. DeRose Overland Park, KS
It worked! I did not have the time or the knowledge to get this done without getting an attorney.
Gary Magee Snellville, GA
Very little paperwork – nice working with – received much more than I expected.
Robert L. Chapman Farmville, VA
I was very impressed with how courteous and punctual your representative was. Everything went exactly the way he said it would.
Marvin S. Cantwell Belton, MO
Service was great and the representative was cordial and very professional.
Winfred B. Crawford Stone Mountain, GA
They did a great job. They were very helpful. They did all the work, and I just signed the papers. It was worth it to make the call.
Nilda Flores Douglasville, GA

Latest News

News, Updates, and Real Client Stories.

Are you sure it’s not yours? You might want to think again!

Kathy  had never purchased stock, and never lived in Texas.  She was sure we had the wrong information. Even so, she worked with our Claims Recovery Specialist… just in case it could be true.  She’s glad she did!

Years ago, Kathy’s employer issued stock to employees when the company went public.  While it didn’t have much value at the time, Kathy’s stock is now worth over $10,000!   We matched the information and filed a claim on her behalf.  She now has new appliances, new bedroom furniture, and new clothes, all luxuries she couldn’t afford  with her limited disability income.

Kathy’s name and location have been changed to protect her privacy.



ClaimsComp Recovers Money For Heirs Of Distant Relative

Sometimes heirs can be VERY difficult to find.  That was certainly the case with this recovery!

John was a single man with no immediate family.  When John passed away, he had no idea he was owed money from the sale of a foreclosed property.  Our Claims Recovery Specialists were determined to find a family member, even a distant one, rather than leave his funds unclaimed.  After many days of searching, we were surprised to locate five cousins across the U.S. and Canada… but we weren’t nearly as surprised as the cousins when we told them why we were calling!

We spoke to more people than we can count, handled unique documentation requirements for the distant heirs, and even created a family tree to be sure we didn’t miss anyone in the process.  Claims have been filed, and all five cousins are looking forward to the unexpected cash!

John’s name was changed to protect his privacy.